Magnolia 900 Round Shell Seahorse Toilet Seat

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Magnolia 900 Round Shell Seahorse Toilet SeatWe all know that toilet seats are a necessary part of any bathroom.  But that doesn't mean that the toilet seat cannot also add to your bathroom decor.  One of my favorite choices for a toilet seat is the Magnolia 900 Round Shell Seahorse Toilet Seat.  This toilet seat will go with almost any color decor, and is especially a nice choice for any bathroom with a ocean or water theme.

Featured on the toilet seat are beach items, shells, starfish, and a sea horse all against a background of sand.  The toilet seat itself is made from acrylic, with brass hinges that won't rust in a bathroom, and the material is easy to clean, important in any bathroom, but even more so if you have children.

Children will love this toilet seat because they can see the beach creatures, and you can even tell a story about how they live in the sea.

For any tropical motif, beach motif, or water theme, this Magnolia 900 Round Shell Seahorse Toilet Seat is the perfect fit.  Dimensions are 16.625L x 14.25W inches and it will fit on a round toilet.  Weighs almost 10 lbs.

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